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About Us.

Each week, and in an ongoing way through our Discord, the RealmSmith team work hard to bring you the latest tales from the realms of Barovia, or Wildemount. Now, with Patreon's help, we'll be able to work even harder! We'll continue to release Livestream videos, Podcasts, and our Discord every week for FREE, but by subscribing to our Patreon you'll help ensure that the podcast and livestreams remain consistent in both quality and production and also allow us to create even more exciting and interactive content within our Discord community. Along with our amazing team of Smithgardians our mission is to satisfy your never-ending cravings for shared story-telling within the RealmSmith universe.

So if you'd be so kind, please consider donating some GP to our worthy cause.

At RealmSmith we've assembled quite the team of collaborators:
Jason, Tim, Joel, Adam, Brandon, David, Julian, and Bruno the Tavern Dog (and that's just the local crew. We've also got our Smithgardians and many more who put in tons of volunteer hours to make things happen as moderators on our Discord and for our community).

Founded in 2017, RealmSmith exits to create experiences of unadulterated immersion. Whether by painting and crafting tutorials for enhancing what you create for your tabletop experiences, or producing deeply satisfying live-streams to encourage others to play tabletop games with their friends, or by consistently providing a D&D destination Discord server to play alongside our livestreams, it’s all about unadulterated immersion for the team of content-creating Canadians at RealmSmith.